Hi there, my name is Jim Grillas.

My passion for videography started at a very early stage of my life,when i first caught a camera in my hands.

I consider myself blessed to be able to convert what i love most into my job. The best part of being a videographer is that you can transmit in a few minutes feelings so intense like happiness and joy.

Shooting weddings gives me the opportunity to set my creativity free in order to present a true lovestory. Spontaneousness is a source of inspiration for me. The sincere look on the groom's face while his bride is walking down the aisle or the joyful tears of a mother watching her daughter in white, rouse my

I really enjoy the little things in life like playing with my dog, going surfing or cosying up to my girlfriend while watching a movie.

I also love travelling and I am lucky enough to combine it with work quite often.

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